We offer support for information-rich organisations who want to help their employees find relevant data efficiently across multiple internal data sources. Search easily across file systems and servers, organizational websites (e.g. SharePoint, Intranet), internal data such as organisational applications, CRM systems, gdrive, dropbox and more

Eyfo will Help Your Employees to:

Save time and effort

No more frustrating and time consuming document searches. Get the information you need quickly, and move on to start the task you needed it for.

Find relevant results even with missing information

You don’t have to remember the exact name of that management report from September 2018 to find it. Search efficiently with minimum requirements.

Enjoy flexibility

Eyfo is an easy-to-use and intuitive search engine with exceptional flexibility. Everyone in your organisation, from the tech savvy millennial to the old-school expert, will enjoy using it.

No More Time Wasted in Endless Searches
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